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D-Art Studio - creative team who makes web sites. The main areas are: creation web sites of any complexity. Also deal with all areas in the IT industry, from  installation licensed software till repair physical damages of computers and other equipment. By working with us, you'll have satisfaction, and desired result.

Business card

It is a small site consisting of multiple Web pages (3-10 pages), containing basic information about your company, services or products, price lists and contact details.

Business card briefly but effectively represent your company, service or product on the Internet, it is popular among small companies working in the service sector, private practitioners, etc.

Decision "Business card" provides a simple one-tier structure of the site, without embedded sections.


  1. Bosch Service
  2. Hyundai
  3. KIA
  4. Agricultural company
  5. Society for the defense of Ukraine


Using our service:

  1. You will forget about problems with your phone, a computer or a router!
  2. Our highly trained specialists will repair any difficulty in the short term. Our studio is carried out both hardware and software repair phones.
  3. You get the month warranty.


Allow your customers to shop more often!

Nine out of ten Internet users in the last six months have made at least one purchase via the network. This method is convenient for customers: customers save time and get a lot of advantages. Therefore, sales are increasing: for the implementation of certain kinds of goods we have already surpassed Europe. Ie the creation of an online store - a powerful development tool for any company selling goods and services.

  1. You get 24/7 outlets.
  2. Store not tied geographically. Goods will delivered anywhere courier service, and tell you about it the ubiquitous Internet.
  3. Virtual representation cheaper then real. No rental space, and "showcases" can offer a huge amount of goods.
  4. The cost of creating an online store is much lower prices for the organization of normal trade terms.


1.Prestige Plus3.Knitting to order5.Accessories for cars
2.parts for auto4.Toys

6.Sports Nutrition

7.Underwear shop


An effective way to disseminate information about your company and business. In the first place - it is a tool of image that should be remembered by your customers and partners with a unique design, convenient functionality and ease of operation.

"Company" solution provides functional and comfortable structure of the site, with lots of nested partitions, product catalogs, etc.


  1. Poltava 365
  2. Bosch Car Service
  3. KIA Avto
  4. Group of companies "SATER"
  5. Ltd."ASTRA"
  6. Sigma cable


Phones, tablets, TV BOXs, routers?
We flashing all!

Flash phones, tablets in Poltava - a procedure of "installation" the operating system on a tablet or smartphone, the system records (sewn) in its constant internal memory. The expression "to change the sewing" on the tablet or phone is approximately the same as the "reset Vindovs" on your computer.

  1. You get the month warranty.
  2. Healthy device.
  3. Enjoyment of use.


You have a creative idea?
We will make it in life!

Internet project of any complexity, with high quality and fast. We work very hard for your success.

  1. You get daily support.
  2. Solving problems in terms.
  3. Trusted partner.


Clean dust from the laptop!

Over time, each work becomes slower notebook, laptop heats up quickly, noise, or is disabled after the long-term operation. All these failures indicate that it is time to clean the notebook.

  1. You get a working laptop.
  2. He not get hot.
  3. Do not turn off.
  4. Works faster.


Storage media: HDD, SDD, SD, microSD, etc.

Data Recovery — Information recovery procedure from the storage device in the case where it can not be read by an ordinary method. The basic rule after the (random) data deletion - as little as possible disk access by the user.

  1. You get a copy of your data.
  2. Have a chance to heal the damaged device.


the same as the diapositive.

For public display slide films most widely slides made on 35 mm perforated reversal photographic film width of 35 mm within a 50 × 50 mm (frame size 24 × 36 × 18 mm or 24 mm).

  1. You get the digital version in the highest quality.

Audio Tape


Compact Cassette (audio cassette, or simply tape) - media tape in the second half of the XX century - widespread media vehicles for recording. Was used to record the digital and audio.

  1. You get a digital copy of the information.
  2. You can send it of any carrier.
  3. After digitizing all of the material we will send you back to the department.
  4. The satisfaction of the stored data.

Video Tape miniDV

Digitizing of miniDV media.

The format of digital video recording on magnetic tape using the so-called intra-frame compression DV. MiniDV, the format has become, along with amateur cameras actively used in film and television.

  1. You get a digital copy of the information.
  2. You can send it of any carrier.
  3. After digitizing all of the material we will send you back to the department.
  4. The satisfaction of the stored data.

Video Tape VHS

Digitize of VHS media.

VHS — cassette analog format helical videos designed Corporation JVC. In addition to the standard cassettes duration with a number of hours, some manufacturers marketing purposes produced slightly elongated, having a small "reserve", for example, «E-195».

  1. You get a digital copy of the information.
  2. You can send it of any carrier.
  3. After digitizing all of the material we will send you back to the department.
  4. The satisfaction of the stored data.

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Smart Home: interface programming.

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We create and guide projects throughout Ukraine.


Our young company founded in 2012. Located in Poltava. The first of our activities was the creation of sites, and to this day we are gaining experience and accompany important projects. For 3 years we have been able to expand our activities into many different directions. We were joined by young and experienced specialists in different fields of IT technologies. Cooperating with us you will have fun, and the desired result.


  • WEB 99%

  • Design 85%

  • Network Routing77%

  • Repair 88%

  • Firmware 93%

  • Recovery 80%

  • Digitisation 96%

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